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Task Trainers

Below are the available task trainers and proposed skills for each. The numbers in parenthesis indicate quantity.

Trach and NGT (2)

Catheterization Female (4)

Catheterization Male (4)

Rectal Examination Trainer (2)

tt-rectal-examination.jpegThe rectal examination model comprises a realistic representation of the buttocks, anus and rectum enabling the practice of diagnostic skills associated with rectal examination.

Wound Care Foot (1)

Adult Endotracheal Intubation (2)

Infant Endotracheal Intubation (1)

Neonatal Endotracheal Intubation (1)

Arterial Arm Stick (2)

Intravenous Arm Stick (6)

Subcutaneous Injection (2)

Intradermal Injection (3)

Intramuscular Injection (2)

Central Line Man System (2)

SimScope Wi-Fi (2)

tt-simscope-wifi.jpegSimScopeā„¢ plays the programmed heart, breath and bowel sounds specific to each correct anatomical location enabling a realistic standardized patient encounter.

Up to 20 patches may be programmed and simultaneously activated with heart, breath, bowel, and bruit sounds to simulate real time auscultation during a physical exam.

Suturing Pads (many)

Ear Examination Trainer (2)

Eye Examination Trainer (2)

Lumbar Puncture (4)

Breast-ON (4)

Little Anne CPR Training Torsos (7)


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