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Clinical Simulation Center


Steering Committee

A Steering Committee composed of the deans of the three health sciences schools — Dr. Michel Mawad, Dr, Anahid Kulwicki and Dr. Imad Btaiche — holds the overall responsibility for the direction and administrative oversight of the Clinical Simulation Center.

Liaison Committee

A Liaison Committee composed of Dr. Vanda Abi Raad, Mrs. Nelly Chammas, Dr. Nadia Asmar, Mr. Rudy Bahri, Mrs. Maha Habre and Dr. Lamis Karaoui, meets regularly and provides input and feedback on the services and resources of the CSC.

From left: Dr. Abi Raad, Dr. Karaoui, Mrs. Chammas, Ms. Habre, and Dr. Asmar.

A few words about the Clinical Simulation Center by Liaison Committee members:

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